About FleetGain

As part of a broader managed IT services company, Supra ITS, FleetGain help customers strategically allocate their resources to position their business for long-term agility by infusing key business activities with
technology levers.

FleetGain builds on decades of experience as an outsourcing services provider. We see Business Process Services as an opportunity to help our customers more precisely manage rule-based tasks and continuously
increase process effectiveness and efficiency. This adds significant value beyond the bottom line.

Our ability to dynamically scale allows our customers to not only leverage us as a partner today but in the future, as the world of technology and processes shift and evolves from today’s operating structures. FleetGain architects delivery models for an ever-charging horizon which align with revenues and quality.

About Supra ITS

Supra ITS is a full-service provider of managed IT services focused on helping small- and mid-sized enterprises get the most from their hybrid cloud by seamlessly integrating on-premise, private and public cloud infrastructure. Our “public cloud neutral” approach leverages partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle and HPE to deliver a wide range of IT services, including end-user support, managed systems and networks, as well as custom application development. Established in 1999, Supra ITS is Canadian-owned and operated with world-class Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as in the United States and overseas.

Supra ITS keeps the customer in mind with everything we do. The relationships our company builds are strong and our clients are generally with us for life. We accomplish this with a friendly attitude, excellent response times, experienced personnel and an all-around attitude that we care about your business.

About Our Services

In addition to a number of applications that we have developed in-house, Supra ITS excels at managed IT services. For most of our clients, we maintain and monitor their entire network environment. This includes their printers, servers, switches, routers, etc. If something goes wrong, or is about to go wrong, we’re the first ones to know about it. We’ll send our a technician to pro-actively resolve a concern before it becomes a critical issue affecting your company’s production environment.

We have the experience and expertise to do the job right. Our innovative, fast and flexible workforce and state-of-the-art infrastructure offers scalable resources designed to meet your complex and multilevel requirements.

Our Software Development team provides intelligent solutions based on the technology that’s right for you. Whatever the need, it’s a good bet that our software designers and architects will have a realistic solution in mind. From brainstorming to planning and design, implementation to testing, deployment and maintenance, our solutions always deliver the best value.

We have a mantra: Make it innovative, flexible, scalable. It defines our strategy, and it’s what separates our solutions from the pack. Portals (SaaS, Web, SharePoint), Content Management Systems, Web Design & Development, Association Management, Document Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Legacy Migration, DBMS Design and Architecture and Product Development.


  • Salesmen could see that they were not promising the impossible, Service managers could know when to expect machines, and Drivers could schedule their own trips
  • Having less trucks making all of a dealership’s local and inter-store deliveries allowed us to invest in fewer but higher quality vehicles
  • With FleetGain oversight or unneccessary calls for verification became a thing of the past.
  • All facets of the scheduling process have been made readily available to all stakeholders, empowering employees to contribute to the process.
  • With FlletGain, Duplicate efforts and repeated tasks are minimized and processes are made more efficient.
  • Fleetgain Improved delivery times and increased customer satisfaction lead to greater overall value.
  • FleetGain eliminated one of the major friction points between stores and departments
  • FleetGain has eliminated the dozens of phone calls that used to take place – checking when a truck would be available and where the driver was heading.
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