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What is FleetGain?

As the name suggests, FleetGain is an innovative Fleet Logistics Management software that has helped numerous multi-delerships across North America in optimizing their fleet utilization, saving thousands of dollars and improving operational effeciencies.

Is FleetGain for me?

If you are multi dealership company and are looking for one of the following, then the answer is YES:

  • Reduce Fleet Size
  • Eliminate Paper Logs – Push towards electronic
  • Optimize Staff Resources
  • 24 x 7 access to vehicles
  • Management Dashboards & Reporting: Fleet utilization at a glance

Who uses FleetGain?

  • Equipment Dealerships
  • Transportations
  • Logistics
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Long & Short Haul
  • Freight & Shipping Companies
  • Shipping Brokers

What is a SaaS based application?

Software as a service is a software delivery model in which an application is centrally hosted by the ASP (Application Service Provider). The key benefits to our clients are: Easier administration, Automatic updates and patch management, Compatibility, Low cost of operation, easier collaboration and global accessibility.

Is my data backed up?

Your data is backed up daily in our secure N 1 Data Center. We offer a 30 day restorable backup on your hauling history. If there is ever an outage or loss of data, your last 30 days of hauling history will still be available as it is backed up to our vaults.

Is training available?

Yes, training is available in the following formats:

  • Conference calls with your staff to onboard them and “crash course” of how to use the application
  • Webinar calls and on-screen help from support team
  • On-site training is available, please contact us to learn more and obtain a quote.

Once your organization subscribes to FleetGain, you gain access to our support & development teams. You can send an email or phone in, and setup your training call in advance. FleetGain will faciliate a number of training calls with your team, to ensure that sales people, schedulers and drivers can all access the application.

Once access has been achieved, learning how to use FleetGain and familiarizing yourself will be made easier with the help of our support staff. They will guide your team through day to day processes & tasks. Our support staff will continue to work with your teams until you are operational and having no issues using the application day to day.


  • Salesmen could see that they were not promising the impossible, Service managers could know when to expect machines, and Drivers could schedule their own trips
  • Having less trucks making all of a dealership’s local and inter-store deliveries allowed us to invest in fewer but higher quality vehicles
  • With FleetGain oversight or unneccessary calls for verification became a thing of the past.
  • All facets of the scheduling process have been made readily available to all stakeholders, empowering employees to contribute to the process.
  • With FlletGain, Duplicate efforts and repeated tasks are minimized and processes are made more efficient.
  • Fleetgain Improved delivery times and increased customer satisfaction lead to greater overall value.
  • FleetGain eliminated one of the major friction points between stores and departments
  • FleetGain has eliminated the dozens of phone calls that used to take place – checking when a truck would be available and where the driver was heading.
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