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The rapid rise in the fuel pricing in the last decade had a major impact on businesses across the world. The direct impact was severely felt by the businesses in Transportation and Logistics. Because of high fuel costs, companies are evaluating their supply chains and in particular fleet management to cut costs and remain viable. Consolidation in the industry became the new mantra in micro and macro mergers.

Effective utilization of the fleet resources and running the business lean required new systems and technologies in place to compete and grow.

In the last 8 years, since its first deployment, FleetGain has helped numerous clients across North America to manage their Fleets efficiently with a SAAS based robust solution hosted in our N1 class Data Centers.

By consolidating the Fleet, companies save shipping and operating costs and can pass the benefits to their customers.

Our fully managed solution is available on demand and have helped companies:

  • Reduce Fleet Size
  • Eliminate Paper Logs
  • Optimize Staff Resources
  • 24 x 7 access to vehicles
  • Management Dashboards: Fleet utilization at a glance

Today, Multi Dealerships and logistics companies face challenges. Paper based and ad hock systems can no longer be maintained or supported. FleetGain provides the integration, where Sales, Despatchers, Administrators and Managers can work real-time form one system.

FleetGain’s robust system is tested, proven and geared to address the challanes in the fleet management in the following verticals:

  • Equipment Dealerships
  • Transportations
  • Logistics
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Salesmen could see that they were not promising the impossible, Service managers could know when to expect machines, and Drivers could schedule their own trips
  • Having less trucks making all of a dealership’s local and inter-store deliveries allowed us to invest in fewer but higher quality vehicles
  • With FleetGain oversight or unneccessary calls for verification became a thing of the past.
  • All facets of the scheduling process have been made readily available to all stakeholders, empowering employees to contribute to the process.
  • With FlletGain, Duplicate efforts and repeated tasks are minimized and processes are made more efficient.
  • Fleetgain Improved delivery times and increased customer satisfaction lead to greater overall value.
  • FleetGain eliminated one of the major friction points between stores and departments
  • FleetGain has eliminated the dozens of phone calls that used to take place – checking when a truck would be available and where the driver was heading.
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