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Innovative Fleet Management Software
with Integrated Logistics and Reporting

Transportation costs have a major impact on the success of any organization dependent on delivery operations. Having an efficient system with integrated tools can extract maximum revenue dollars from every pickup or delivery and reduce the costs that affect the bottom line directly. FleetGain’s secure cloud based offering enables organizations to effectively consolidate and optimize their shipments, line up their inbound and outbound freight and capitalize on pooled loads.

With 15 years of history, FleetGain Online has become an integral part of the logistics backbone.

FleetGain is one of the flagship brands of AtomicNorth, a Division of SupraITS. AtomicNorth is a client-centered Software Development organization, committed to delivering the services our clients need on time and on budget.

Fleet Gain has three main functions, coupled with an e-mail notification system that binds your entire organization together. All of the trucking across the entire organization, can be centralized on one web-based platform.

Scheduling Trucks for Internal Hauls, Customer Sites, Load Exchanges

  • Schedule the entire fleet quickly with our industry-leading drag and drop system
  • Set schedules 1 day in advance, a week in advance or even a month in advance
  • Everyone in the organization can see the entire fleet from one screen – works for 5 location dealerships, 15 location dealerships or 50 location dealerships
  • Set notes in the system for everyone to see: service appointments for trucks, cargo exchanges, special instructions upon arrival & more

Sales Requisition / Sales Entry

  • Customizable sales entry form – set your own fields or let us add them for you. A field for serial numbers, model numbers, trade/load exchange information (at other store location or customer site), and more
  • Set mandatory fields, or change the information that is needed to be entered by salespeople “on-the-fly”
  • Auto-populating fields from just entering the first three letters of the customer or location information mean no more entering long pages of information
  • Dropdowns and search functions make entering a sales request take about 30 seconds-1 minute, which enables your sales people to be extremely productive and efficient, resulting in more sales
  • Real Time Availability for sales people and Dispatchers means if your organization does not have a scheduling person/team, sales people can schedule a delivery right at the time of data entry


  • Drivers can review their own delivery schedules and manage loads from any computer, smart phone, mobile device, tablet – no longer required to come to the office to obtain a schedule
  • Trade loads with other drivers or exchange loads at the store location, customer location
  • Relay communication back to dispatch, such as truck is broken down, load not delivered, etc.
  • Unconfirm a load and send it back to the scheduling que
  • Obtain packing slips/delivery slips “on-the-fly”, in real time using any computer, mobile device, smartphone, tablet

Administration & Reporting

  • Obtain reports based on hauling history – figure out what happened to a lost load, or see how many loads were delivered to a particular customer, location, or even by which driver
  • Set recurring reports daily, weekly, monthly, annually – excellent for year-end audits & analyzing the bottom line of your fleet
  • Import hauling history from other obsolete programs and utilize FleetGain’s reporting suite to maximize reporting capabilties
  • Determine the highest grossing sales person, the driver delivering the most loads (or least), trends or recurring challenges within the fleet

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