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It may be a sign of the times that Information Technology’s end users often get the short end of the stick. Blame it on business growing too fast, or the competitive market driving cuts in the name of the bottom line, but certain business needs never change. We believe the ability to operate efficiently and deliver on time is one of them.

While Internet-based business tools and repositories are increasingly used to facilitate business objectives – both within and outside business hours – they place ever more strain on the internal IT resources available. They become less effective. Now couple that with decreasing IT budgets across the board, throw in overtime payments, and not forgetting end users’ intolerance of the slightest IT-related delay, and you have a problem looking for a solution.

We offer a high level of support to customers. Our Toll-Free number provides clients and their employees a single point of contact, efficient and effective service that allows your people to operate productively.

We are able to guarantee exceptional service standards using our state-of-the-art Call Management System – an integrated system that operates using an automated workflow for assignment, escalation, regular progress reporting to the client and service feedback collection.


  • Salesmen could see that they were not promising the impossible, Service managers could know when to expect machines, and Drivers could schedule their own trips

  • Having less trucks making all of a dealership’s local and inter-store deliveries allowed us to invest in fewer but higher quality vehicles

  • With FleetGain oversight or unneccessary calls for verification became a thing of the past.

  • All facets of the scheduling process have been made readily available to all stakeholders, empowering employees to contribute to the process.

  • With FlletGain, Duplicate efforts and repeated tasks are minimized and processes are made more efficient.

  • Fleetgain Improved delivery times and increased customer satisfaction lead to greater overall value.

  • FleetGain eliminated one of the major friction points between stores and departments

  • FleetGain has eliminated the dozens of phone calls that used to take place – checking when a truck would be available and where the driver was heading.

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